Vocational Rehabilitation

Our Mission

The mission of We Create Peace Work Solutions (WCP) is to guide our clients in growth toward meeting their employment goals. We achieve these goals by remaining client centered, identifying the intrinsic strengths in all people and helping them to make tangible changes. We believe that having a vocation creates peace in the lives of the people we serve.

Our Values

Our values reflect in our commitment to the client and the services we are hired to perform. WCP has the highest ratio of rehabbed closures to dollars spent in Clackamas County. This figure reflects the attitude of stewardship we bring to our work. It is the goal of every WCP job developer to first focus on the needs of the client while also continuing to provide tremendous economic value for our counselors and the State.

Each WCP job developer provides value within the client’s work structure helping to build the viability of the position by working with the client to utilize existing strengths while also integrating new skills and training into the position. After jobs are successfully developed we work to help the client also retain and grow in their new vocation.

Our Market

Our market is always our client, who acts as a direct reflection of our efforts to serve them. We obtain clients by working with a high level of fidelity with counselors from Oregon’s Vocational Rehabilitation who entrust us to do the work we are referred to perform.

It is also the market of WCP to be active and aware in the community identifying need to be prepared to match motivated clients with positions that meet the needs of an employer.