Employee Engagement


Keeping employees engaged around the holidays can be a challenge but once the New Year arrives most people reengage and are ready to set new goals and work hard to achieve them. The impact engaged employees have on the workplace is tremendous –

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased retention
  • Higher productivity
  • Happier team
  • Healthier company culture
  • Improved internal and external relationships
  • Increased profits
  • More satisfied clients/customers
  • The benefits go on and on and on…

In Forbes (2015) 8 Key Tactics For Developing Employees, contributor Steve Olenski offers several cost effective strategies to enhance employee engagement and increase your bottom line:

  1. Create an Individual Development Plan: What are their goals and interests and how can you help them work in this space?
  2. Provide Performance Metrics: When employees know what they need to do, and have a plan to get there, there is a sense of accomplishment and desire to keep attaining goals.
  3. Provide Opportunities Outside of Job Function: Cross-train employees
  4. Give Constructive Feedback: People want to know where they stand, how they can improve, and be recognized for what they do well.
  5. Remove Barriers: Emotional, mental, and physical barriers can impede performance…remove them and watch your employees thrive.
  6. Link to a Professional Network: This provides your employees with additional support from like-minded people, not only will it help your employees develop, it will help your business prosper.
  7. Outlay Resources: Provide employees with tools and resources – trainings, classes, and coaching are just a few examples of how investing in your employees will keep them focused on meeting goals, develop their interests, and keep them engaged.
  8. Set the Example: Model what you want to see in your employees…if you want them to learn and develop, you do the same.